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Videos - Covid 19

  1. How to wear and remove face mask

  2. How to practice good cough and sneeze etiquette

  3. Awareness, attitudes, and practices related to prevention in Marwari

  4. How to use Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

  5. Importance of Social Distancing

  6. Correct hand washing technique

  7. Psychosocial support to patients with Covid-19

  8. Caring for own wellbeing

  9. COVID-19-Psychological Support

  10. Corona Video for Awareness

  11. Hospital Environment Cleaning Guidelines (AIIMS Jodhpur)

  12. Donning of PPE - Hindi (AIIMS Jodhpur)

  13. Doffing of PPE - Hindi (AIIMS Jodhpur)

  14. Ventilator Basics intubation and troubleshooting for Covid 19 patients

  15. AIIMS Jodhpur designs a customized PPE for protection from COVID 19

  16. COVID-19 Pandemic - Preparedness, Management Issues And Mitigation

  17. DONNING of PPE (White)

  18. DOFFING of PPE (White)