Greetings from AIIMS Jodhpur

Affordable healthcare has been a subject of much interest and discussion across the globe - more specifically in developing countries, like India, where healthcare costs are burgeoning... India needs medical technologies suited for its conditions and ground realities of scale (including number of persons of the nation and vast geographic spread with less acess). Currently, majority of sophasticated medical devices and high technology medical equipment is imported from other countries for use in India. This leads to not only higher costs, but also a mismatch between the need and the solution. The growing need encouraged both All India Institute of Medical Science, Jodhpur and Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur to establish a Joint Center for Healthcare Technologies; a formal agreement has been signed between AIIMS and IIT Jodhpur. This center is located at AIIMS Jodhpur, where the two organisations can leverage through the scientific and technologies synergies between the two Institutes, and creating products (devices and services) that the nation can use for diagnostics and treatment in the nation healthcare mission.

As a first step, a 2-day Leadership Conclave is being organised during 3-4 December 2018 on Healthcare Technologies at AIIMS Jodhpur. The Leaders present at the meeting will discuss and deliberate:
1) Vision for Healthcare Technology Development in India,
2) Health Needs of Rural India, and
3) India Centric Development of Healthcare Devices,

The deliberation will help identify challenges, inter-linkages and cross-disciplinary issues, emerging technologies, and innovation strategies, which the Joint Center for Healthcare Technologies meeds to focus on. The inputs of the leaders present at the conclave will guide the two Institutes to set the agenda carefully for activities to be undertaken at the Joint Center.

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