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PhD Course

Advertisement Start Date Last Date Application Important Notices
Advertisement No: Dean (Acad)/Ph.D/July/2022-AIIMS.JDH
Ph.D. Programme July, 2022 Session
10-08-2022 30-08-2022 Closed Result
Notice for Examination
Eligibility List
Advertisement No: Dean (Acad)/Ph.D/Jan/2022-AIIMS.JDH
Ph.D. Programme Jan, 2022 Session
04-02-2022 28-02-2022 Closed Final Result
Result Stage-I
Download Admit Card
Exam Schedule
Eligibility List
Advertisement No: NURSING/PhD/JUL/2021-AIIMS.JDH
Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] in Nursing Program July, 2021 Session
06-07-2021 20-07-2021 Closed Download Admit Card
Notice 3
Notice 2
Notice 1
Advertisement No: RES/PhD/JUL/2021-AIIMS.JDH
Ph.D. Programme July, 2021 Session
27-05-2021 15-06-2021 Closed Result
Shortlisted Candidates
Advertisement No: RES/PhD/JAN/2021-AIIMS.JDH
Ph.D. Programme January, 2021 Session
09-03-2021 07-04-2021 Closed Cancellation Notice
Advertisement No: RES/PhD/JUL/2020-AIIMS.JDH
Ph.D. Programme July, 2020 Session
17-08-2020 16-09-2020 Closed Result
Advertisement No: RES/PhD/JAN/2020-AIIMS.JDH Ph.D. Programme January, 2020 Session 14-11-2019 13-12-2019 Closed Corrigendum
Result for Jan, 2020 Session
Advertisement No: RES/PhD/JUL/2019-AIIMS.JDH Ph.D. Programme July, 2019 Session 20-05-2019 18-06-2019 Closed Result for July, 2019 Session
Advertisement No: RES/PhD/JAN/2019-AIIMS.JDH Ph.D. Programme January, 2019 Session 12-12-2018 10-01-2019 Closed Result for Jan, 2019 session
Advertisement No: RES/PhD/JUL/2018-AIIMS.JDH Ph.D. Programme July, 2018 Session 28-05-2018 27-06-2018 Closed Selected Candidates
Advertisement No: RES/PhD/JAN/2018-AIIMS.JDH Ph.D. Programme January, 2018 Session 11-10-2017 10-11-2017 Closed Selected Candidates
Advertisement No: RES/PhD/01/2017-AIIMS.JDH Ph.D. Programme July, 2017 Session 06-05-2017 05-06-2017 Closed Selected Candidates