A creche, daycare or a nursery is a child care centre, where babies, toddlers and young children are cared for in safe and stimulating surroundings. Seeing the needs of people working in AIIMS Jodhpur, we have developed a complete child care program, in which we provide the facility of taking care of children of working parents. AIIMS Creche is a full flashed day care centre highly equipped with technologies and facilities. Parents can use the facilities as per their requirement i.e. they can drop their child for full day, half day or even hourly basis. It is situated in the residential area of AIIMS in two Type II quarters. It is equipped with all amenities like air-conditioned neat and clean rooms, hygienic toilets, television, refrigerator, microwave, induction plate, R.O. for drinking water and many more things.

Keeping in mind, the importance of playing, AIIMS Creche has developed a small indoor play area for entertaining children from age group 6 months onwards. Here we have our small personal toy-library which provides a variety of games, books, toys, puzzles etc. for all age groups. Along with playing, sleeping and taking rest is equally important for children. Hence, special attention has been paid to provide a cozy sleeping room for children at AIIMS Creche.

It also has a facility of CCTV with live streaming so parents can view their child live through their smart phones while they leave their child at the creche.

It is being managed by Mrs. Priyanka Jain. She has an experience of running a day care centre since last 6.5 yrs. Her team comprises of a trained supervisor and maids to take care of children.

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Contact- Mrs. Priyanka Jain 202/1,202/4, AIIMS Residential Complex 9352334801