Postgraduate Course - MDS


The Department of Dentistry deals with patients presenting with complaints of oral, dental and maxillofacial region. The Department is developing as a state of the art dental unit equipped with all modern gadgetry and high end equipment to deal with regular and complex pathologies. The department has numerous ongoing intramural and collaborative research projects currently. The department also has an extramural project in collaboration with ICMR.

A hallmark for the department is the visionary ‘Computerized Patient Management System (CPMS)’ for documentation of patient records which is vital in the long term evaluation of procedures.

Department of Dentistry proposes to start Masters of Dental Surgery (MDS) program in two specialties of Dentistry

  1. Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

(A) Infrastructure of Department

Out Patient Department: Well-equipped and well-laid out OPD complex with adequate consultation rooms and waiting areas for patients. The average number of patients seen in the OPD is 110 per day with 60 new and around 50 follow up patients. There are 5 OPD days per week. Approximate number of new patients is 11500/year. A wide variety of cases are seen on a day-to day basis and follow up is available. An online access to lab-reports and radiological investigations attempts to make the turn-around time per patient shorter. Besides the regular dental procedures like restorations, RCTs, oral prophylaxsis the department deals with minor surgeries like regular and complicated extractions, removal of impacted teeth, preprosthetic surgeries, biopsy and dental implants. Implant supported full mouth rehabilitation is also undertaken regularly.

Currently the Department of Dentistry also runs a specialty Orthodontic Clinic on two days in a week. On an average 25 orthodontic patients are seen during that day. Orthodontic treatment facility in the Dentistry Department was started ten months back and at present 45 patients are under active treatment with almost equal no patients enrolled in waiting register. A wide variety of cases such as Class III, Class II Div 1, Div 2 malocclusions, Impactions, Multidisciplinary cases, Skeletal malocclusions and Surgical Orthodontic re being treated. Patients of all age group from children to adolescent to young adults are seeking an opinion for orthodontic treatment. Surgical Orthodontic patients are being planned in close co-ordination with faculty from Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

In Patients: The department has adequate number of beds at present for admission and treatment of patients. Emergency beds may be allotted later when emergency services start. 

OT: Functional and well equipped operation theatres have been established in the Institute for conducting major procedures under anesthesia.


Currently the department has 1 OT day per week and a wide variety of cases that are operated regularly includes maxillofacial trauma, precancerous lesions like OSMF, red and white lesions, benign cysts and tumors requiring enucleation or resections, Sinus pathologies, TMJ pathologies like ankylosis and Internal derangement. The department is also doing neck dissection surgeries and free fibular reconstruction in collaboration with department of oncosurgery and plastic surgery. We will soon start orthognathic procedures for the patients who are in presurgical orthodontic phase.


ICU: We have ICU facility under Department of Anaesthesia to look after our major surgical and other serious patients.

Teaching room: for small group teaching and case discussions has also been planned.

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