Postgraduate Course - MSc (Medical)


The program is designed to enable a student acquire sound knowledge in the subject and develop

practical skills to contribute effectively in academics and health sciences research.



  1. At the end of the 2 years training, the PG student is expected to demonstrate sound knowledge of general concepts and principles of subject. Evolutionary perspectives of biomolecules, cell organelles and diversity provided at the molecular level, discuss various aspects of nutrition and metabolism under different physiological conditions, explain the occurrence, regulation and interrelationship of metabolic events, identify the molecular/metabolic basis of a disease, explain concepts of body defense/immunology and detoxification, molecular and cell biology, describe the principles of various biochemical techniques and instrumentations and analyze and interpret the data.
  1. Plan & conduct lecture, practical demonstrations & tutorial classes.
  2. Critically review & comment on research papers
  3. Prepare research protocols to conduct experimental studies, analyze, interpret diseases, experimental results and generate hypothesis.

      5. Be familiar with literature survey / computer skills, basic knowledge of biostatistics.

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