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New AIIMS have been established under PMSSY with the aim of correcting regional imbalances in quality tertiary level healthcare and attaining self-sufficiency in graduate and postgraduate medical education and training in underserved areas of the country. As a premier Institute, AIIMS Jodhpur not only needs to be a leader in Health services but also be a Centre of excellence in Medical Education Technology (MET) in Western India. This task can very well be achieved with the help of faculty development programs. The Faculty Development modules at AIIMS Jodhpur strive to provide an institutional framework which includes a broad range of activities to help renew and assist faculty in their multiple academic roles. These activities are designed to improve the knowledge and skills essential to their performance as educators and to assist faculty members in gaining a better understanding of academic career development, mentoring and leadership. Globally, qualitative educational research is transforming the way we teach the present Gen Y students who are multi-taskers, prompt, eager and curious. Medical educators worldwide are keenly observing the development of medical education scenario in India. Our sincere efforts in keeping pace with our counterparts worldwide and also enhancing our learning environment for the physicians of tomorrow will definitely reap rich dividends in the form of a healthier society. A teacher in general, and Medical teacher in particular, needs to be a lifelong learner. Every teacher needs to keep updating herself/himself with new and contemporary technology. There are many pedagogical principles and techniques which a medical teacher is required to know in order to facilitate his/her student's learning. Hence, there is a need for medical faculty to be trained in these technologies through faculty development programs. National Teachers Training Centres at JIPMER, Puducherry; IMS BHU, Varanasi; MAMC, New Delhi; Medical Council of India (MCI) through its 18 Regional training centres and 3 FAIMER Regional Institutes are already making huge strides in this direction, in India. We envisage AIIMS Jodhpur to be a leader in MET since we now have sizeable faculty who are well trained in Medical Education and many more have shown their inclination towards medical Education and therefore, we should harness their full potential. With this vision and with the help of faculty support, our Director, Prof. Sanjeev Misra, has introduced the following activities:


Aiims(All india institue of medical sciences)Jodhpur Anti Ragging
Ragging refers to “any conduct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of harassing, teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any other student, indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student or asking the students to do any act or perform something which such student will not in the ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of a fresher or a junior student.”

 Contact persons (for reporting ragging)
Director AIIMS: Dr. Sanjeev Misra (Tel No. 0291-2740741) Chairperson: Prof. Abhay Elhence ( Mobile No. 8003996926) )
Member: Prof. Deepak Kumar Jha (Mobile. No. 8700354581) Member: Prof. Naveen Sharma (Mobile. No. 9953771090)
Member: Prof. Raj Rani (Mobile. No. 8003996942) Member: Dr. Pushpinder Khera (Mobile. No. 8003996914)
Member: Dr. Archana Bajpayee (Mobile No. 8003996943) Member: Dr. Aasma Nalwa (Mobile No.9968961559)

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